About Jack

Education: BS-Sociology/Anthropology, MS-Criminal Justice

Personal Statement

I have worked directly with the incarcerated for over three decades at the county, state and federal levels. I have a passion for federal prison reform and have been involved in national reform efforts since my retirement from the DOJ-Federal Bureau of Prisons. During my career, I received several National awards and worked directly with diverse populations (Pre-trial, Minimum, Low, Medium, Medical & Witness Security) in the trenches of our prison system. My understanding of BOP policy, nuances and culture is extraordinary. Upon retirement, I founded a consulting business in New York City and serve pro bono for several organizations. I am an active & valuable member of the Corrections Committees of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL) and the American Bar Association (ABA). My bottom line in advocacy is that many proactive prison reforms can be accomplished under the existing policy and statutory framework. My leadership ability in combination with my practical experience provides me with a unique insight which is valuable for clients, legislators and reform organizations. I recently co-founded Prisonology , www.prisonologyx.com, and we have been educating federal defenders, judges and US probation officers on BOP issues and policy.   I have been quoted in many national media outlets and have had appearances on CNN, CNBC, Bloomburg and Fox.