Note – This is not an offer to disclose any information on these offenders which is not available in the general public domain. It is only to give the reader a perspective on the types of offenders who I have been in direct contact with during my career in the Bureau of Prisons. A majority of these offenders were very respectful, pleasant and hard working while in the facility. I credit many of them for helping me develop my perspective on the Federal prison environment. I would also like to re-emphasize  my private sector clients can be assured I will adhere to a strict confidentiality pledge and will NEVER discuss your case with anyone without your written approval.

Below are a few of the more memorable high profile offenders I have had on my caseload working  in Minimum,  Low , Medium and Administrative/high security units. This was public information at the time as was their incarceration in the prison system nd is/was public information.

  • Eddie Antar-(aka Crazy Eddie)
  • Irwin Schiff (Tax offender)
  • Omar Abdel-Rahman (Blind Egyptian Cleric)
  • George Jung (Movie- Blow)
  • Chuck Zito (Ozz TV Series)
  • Thomas Reese (aka Rolls Royce Reese)
  • Andrew (Mush) Russo (alleged NYC Organized Crime)
  • Howard (Pappy) Mason

My caseloads have also included members of New York City, Philadelphia, & Boston traditional Organized Crime families as well as gang members from the Latin Kings, Los Solidos, Crypts, Bloods, Aryan Brotherhood, Texas Syndicate, MS-13, EME, La Nuestra Familia, Trigger Finger Posse, Green Dragons, Ghost Shadows, Flying Dragons, Hell’s Angels, Outlaws, Banditos and many, many more.  It was quite the surreal career!

Witness Security Unit (WITSEC): Five years of my career were spent in the Witness Protection program. I had a two year assignment in the early 1990’s and a three year assignment from 2005 to 2008. I cannot divulge the names of these offenders as they are still in the custody of the Federal Prison System. Some of the more memorable offenders in this program according to information on the internet were Nicky Leroy Barnes (Mr. Untouchable), Salvatore Vitale (Under boss of the Bonanno Crime Family), Jimmy Ellard (alleged to have imported 6 Billion in Cocaine into the US for Pablo Escobar), Joseph D’Angelo (aka Little Joe-who testified against J. Gotti, Jr.) Donald Frankos (aka Tony The Greek), Henry Harris (aka General Tombe, El Rukn General).

I once sat in the taping of Connie Chung’s program,  (Eye to Eye) when she interviewed a WITSEC (Witness Security Inmate) for a Russian organized crime story. They had to immediately move the offender after the interview because his location was compromised.