To book an appointment, please call the office or send a message to the above e mail link.  I will then call you  and discuss my services.

Ordinarily, I meet with a client and bill for the meeting only at the rate of $200.00 hourly.  If you decide to retain me for my services, the meeting fee is credited towards the retainer. There are times when I resolve an issue within a few hrs. of my time so a minimum  fee is all that is required. There are other times when I can offer pro bono services on a quickly resolved issue.

I prefer to be retained and establish a relationship at the plea stage so I can be a resource for the client, attorney and family from plea until release. It is basically an insurance policy to deal comprehensively with any and all BOP issues which arise. 

I accept cash, a certified bankers check, ETF, postal money order, or Paypal. Personal checks must clear prior to the appointment.  Negotiable instruments should be made out to MFPC, LLC.

Travel outside of the New York City Metro area will be billed on a case by case basis depending on the location and specific needs of the client.  I will travel to anywhere within the World.

I can also visit clients who are incarcerated unlike others who will be denied visiting privileges based on prior convictions.

Daily court appearances for testimony in the NY Metro area are billed at $1,000. Areas outside the metro area will be arranged prior to travel based on the location.  I have a minimum $1500 fee for single issues.