2212, 2021

It’s only the low hanging fruit!

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This is going to be a short, spontaneous rant with the catalyst being the newly announced DOJ- AG interpretation regarding the CARES ACT! Surprise, surprise; PEOPLE are not coming back to prison. For the few of you who follow my rants, I am on record in the early part of Covid clearly indicating the CARES ACT participants were not going to return. While I applaud the AG, I’m not going to jump on the bandwagon until he moves from the low hanging fruit and to the myriad of reforms which can be done almost immediately with leadership by pressuring  the BOP to evolve into the twentieth century. I am not talking about recreating the wheel through legislation so the DC politicians and NGO Mafia can raise even more money in the name of reform under the exploitative prison industrial complex.  I am referring to the need for the accountability, transparency [...]

1611, 2021

Go Figure! (It’s about time BOP corruption and incompetence is addressed externally)

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My rants are usually triggered from media stories written as if the subject matter is some profound eureka moment  on an issue BOP insiders have lamented for decades. Enter the AP story from November 14, “ Workers at federal prisons are committing some of the crimes”. Workers at federal prisons are committing some of the crimes (apnews.com) I’ve been an advocate for outside BOP leadership going back to the Clinton Administration when rumors circulated that a person from outside the agency was being considered for the Director position which was eventually filled by Kathleen Hawk Sawyer. Even back then, there was a quickly deteriorating leadership culture manifesting  like a slow cancerous disease partly because of agency cultural factors exacerbated by unprecedented prison population growth due to the Sentencing Reform Act. These factors set the foundation for the proliferation of sub-standard leaders which have  manifested into  several issues  which have flown [...]

2207, 2021

Theatre & exploitation when it is all about the treatment

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I started to write this rant in late May but never finished my thoughts as they became a bit too judgmental as well as complicated encompassing two different reform themes. I set it aside until another trigger (i.e.: idiocy) would force it to the surface. Yesterday I was reading an article about the Biden administration’s agreement on the DOJ’s interpretation of the CARES ACT  which will require people on home detention to eventually return to prison. While I highly doubt their return will ever come to fruition, it was the use of the term “non-violent” which set me off. I am disgusted at advocates who frequently use the term “non-violent” especially because they make a living changing labels for what we call incarcerated people, yes people. Aside from the obvious legal and policy ambiguity of the term “violent”, a single act from decades ago can seal a person’s fate many [...]

2602, 2021

An old idea with a short, subdued rant at the end…….

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An Urban Pilot Comprehensive Training  & Treatment Center (CTTC)   The Comprehensive Sanction Center is a concept developed in the 1990’s. It is a correctional treatment center which broadens the traditional “Residential Re-entry Center” (Halfway House) model.  As the word comprehensive suggests; it is multifaceted and includes both residential and non-residential participants addressing the individual’s Criminogenic factors by providing vocational/educational training along with drug/mental health treatment by evidenced based programs proven to reduce recidivism. It has a mentoring component integrated through agreements with local faith based and secular NGO’s. Envision a public/private partnership owned, self-supporting facility where people will attend class and participate in on the job training to obtain vocational skills in the building trades, horticulture, cosmetology, commercial driving and restaurant management.  They their skills in the surrounding community for public works projects like building restoration and neighborhood beautification.  People  will be employed at no less than the minimum [...]

2301, 2021

The Forgotten (Another story in the never ending rants on Federal prison reform)

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The Forgotten   I took a few days to process the list of names who received presidential  pardons and/or commutations. My wife is a clinical social worker and reminds me often how the brain resets and even solves problems while a person is asleep. I woke up last night thinking about the list and have a few thoughts to share with this rant. When the list of the chosen few became public, I looked for the names of people I have developed relationships with who have contacted me from inside our nation’s prisons. They are the marginalized who I support pro bono, not the Bannon or Assange types. They have no resources, notoriety and little support from the advocacy groups. While they have compelling stores, they simply cannot enrich politicians or organizations. Anyone who has engaged me on federal prison reform is quickly reminded of my thoughts on the “NGO [...]

2612, 2020

The Never Ending Saga of Prison Reform rants……

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I thought my recent "tongue in cheek" comments submitted to the Federal Register on the First Step Act pre-release time credits would suffice for a new prison reform rant! I could write a book on the flaws of the back end provisons of the First Step Act but this sums up a few main points. I highly doubt they will adress it publically, but they have addressed some of my other observations in the past that were of a less sarcastic nature..........Enjoy Responding to:   Federal Register :: FSA Time Credits "I would need to write a dissertation to identify the numerous flaws in this poorly written legislation. While the First Step Act (FSA) good time credits are referred to as “pre-release” credits rather than statutory good time, that is simply semantics.  Historically, credits have been awarded equally to ALL people not the chosen few who fit a politically correct narrative of [...]

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