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I've been helping people incarcerated in Feeral Prison for the past 30 years. I retired from the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) in 2011, after a 23 year career in case management related capacities. I was fortunate enough to work in the trenches of the system directly with diverse populations including Minimum, Low, Medium, High, Administrative and Witness Security cases. I held assignments in the Philadelphia Regional Office and the New York City Community Corrections Office. I participated in national policy writing workgroups and audited facilities throughout the Northeast United States as institution resources staff with the D.C. Central Office Program Review Division. I received dozens of awards during my tenure, three of which involved national recognition. Prior to my Federal Service, I worked in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as a Probation/Parole Officer and served our country for 8 years as a Military Policeman in the Army. Upon my retirement, I founded My Federal Prison Consultant, LLC and provide consulting services to law firms and offenders throughout the United States. I am passionate about Federal prison Reform and serve on the Corrections Committees for the American Bar Association and the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. I have testified on Capital Hill on prison reform and I am the sub-chair of an ABA Committee on federal correctional issues. I am the Director of Programs and Case management Services for the non-profit organization FedCURE, and Executive Director of Out4Good developing the “Correcting Corrections in America” initiative. I teach Criminal Justice at Marywood University as a Lecturer. My latest venture is a Collaboration with Walt Pavlo under the "Prisonology" Brand. We are excited to have assembled a collation of people who have served time along side people who have worked in the trenches of the system. We have trained Federal Defenders, CJA Panel and even Federal Judges throughout the country on federal prison issues. I have been quoted in Forbes.com , Bloomberg News and CNBC and have appeared on television and radio. I hold a BA in Sociology/Anthropology and a Master of Science degree in Criminal Justice. You can be assured that no one has a better pulse on the policy, culture and nuances of the Federal Prison System.

The Never Ending Saga of Prison Reform rants……

I thought my recent "tongue in cheek" comments submitted to the Federal Register on the First Step Act pre-release time credits would suffice for a new prison reform rant! I could write a book on the flaws of the back end provisons of the First Step Act but this sums up a few main points. [...]

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PATTERN- The First Step backwards!

I only blog when something inspires me to go on a rant for a Federal justice related issue. I have a pulse on the Federal prison system and like to document my thoughts for an  “I told you so moment” when these inspirations occur. So here we go….. Several of my previous rants were focused [...]

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Violence, Politics & The NGO Mafia

As I launched my new website last week, I wanted to write a new blog which is a bit controversial but fashionable none the less. This month marks nine years that I’ve been retired from the Federal Bureau of Prisons and thirty three years working with incarcerated people. Yes people! I’ve written about the topic [...]

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Covid-19 Mini-prison rant

With the decision in the Northern District of Ohio yesterday, it appears the BOP is in freefall. I’ve written about the root causes of inferior BOP leadership for many years as well as the agency’s lack of transparency and accountability. While the BOP needs to own their “shoot, ready, aim” shenanigans, let us not forget [...]

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If I were King! (Covid-19)

With the CARES act being implemented on Friday, I want to make a few observations which I am not hearing about in the advocacy world. I’m also going to re-circulate several recommendations I made over a week ago which can simultaneously be done to alleviate crowding and allow for better social distancing in our federal [...]

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It’s the Leadership, Stupid!

As the Federal Bureau of Prison’s Director testified to Congress last Tuesday, reports started to circulate about the indictments of two correctional officers regarding the falsification of records regarding the Jeffrey Epstein suicide. On November 4, the BOP Director warned staff that falsifying documents is “very serious misconduct” that could expose staff to criminal prosecution. [...]

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First Step Act-Only for the correctional cerebral!

It’s been far too long since I wrote a blog so giddy up! The catalyst for my rants is usually media driven so the DOJ presser about the First Step Act (FSA) from last Friday did the trick! Actually; that, in combination with many stories from various outlets simply led me to a blog long [...]

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What have we become?

The gloves slightly come off ;) It’s been too long since I wrote a blog so I’ll get busy with a topic advocates and politicians continue to dance on the tables over. I never even got on the table after the First Step Act was signed into law because it is ill conceived, poorly written, [...]

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It’s been a while!

I've been remiss in posting at this location so thought I'd get out a few points while I had some down time in this 6 degree weather! I'll keep to the flavor of the month by making a few observation of the seriously flawed Fist Step Act. I say flawed mainly from a prison perspective [...]

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The Lone Wolf speaks

I recently testified in a sentencing and the prosecutor asked me if I was a "Lone Wolf"? Apparently he read one of my blogs looking for dirt and that's about all he could come up with.  I answered, "absolutely" when it comes to Criminal Justice form. I perpetually hang my head in shame when I [...]

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