Federal Time Credits (FTC) Questions I have for the DOJ/BOP:

Are people only being awarded for completing an evidenced based recidivism reduction program (EBRRP) IF a “need” was identified and keyed into that area on the computerized assessment?

Are people awarded the FTC if their crime of conviction is NOT on the list of the crimes Congress excluded from receiving the credits, but the crime is determined violent or a “director’s discretion case”, under BOP policy?

Are productive activities going to be expanded to include work assignments other than UNICOR and regimented activities such as art, recreation and leisure/sports leagues.  For instance, a person assigned as a companion for the institution suicide watch program should be awarded time as a “productive activity”.  The July 2021 National Catalogue seems sparse in the productive activities section, and the listed productive activities resemble more of brief programs.

How do the hours awarded for programming in the above referenced programs catalogue correlate to the rule in the register? The BOP previously conducted training that a 500-hour program was equivalent to thirty days. Is this still the case and compliant with the rule?  

Are the awards of FTC taking into consideration the changes in the PATTERN algorithm which were determined to be discriminatory? (example: A person would have had either the first or two consecutive minimum or low risk assessments to be awarded at the higher rate had the discriminatory data not been used?

Has consideration been made for an expedited administrative review for people challenging FTC awards given that the administrative remedy is a very lengthy and obstructionist process?

Who has the statutory supervision authority when someone is granted “early transfer to supervised release”?

Commentary:  Why wouldn’t this white collar get out of jail law allow everyone to transfer to the RRC earlier via “pre-release custody” vs the early termination of the sentence to begin “early supervised release”? People with crimes of violence including the crimes identified in this law are transferred to the RRC regularly already, then to home detention as well prior to the expiration of their sentence.